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    what i do

    I design and deliver infrastructure. My offering is original thinking that puts you in control of your business.

    Here are seven examples of the technologies and things I do.

    Platform as a Service (PAAS): Azure, Google App Engine and Oracle Fusion
    PAAS abstracts the hardware and operating system layers into a single logical resource to host your applications. PAAS on public cloud frees the enterprise from the costs and risks of infrastructure ownership.

    Application Virtualisation: App-V and Citrix Streaming
    Applications are simply tools people use to control and execute tasks. Yet almost everywhere you go, applications are assigned to machines not people. Application Virtualisation fixes this illogical binding by making applications follow the user, regardless of the machine they are using. This technology executes applications in isolated sandboxes preventing interference with other applications. It is a must for agility and scalability in the enterprise: if all applications are virtualised, client devices are effectively appliances hosting an operating system and virtualisation client software.

    Application hosting and VDI: Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop
    Moving your application execution from many desktops to a scalable virtualised farm dramatically simplifies your business; and can unshackle you from the costs of owning a desktop fleet altogether. This technology is a prerequisite for making applications available to users regardless of their location or client device.

    WAN Optimisation and Application Acceleration: Citrix CloudBridge and Riverbed Steelhead
    WAN performance is the sole justification for duplicating datacentre components in the branch office. CloudBridge, Virtual WAN and Steelhead address this problem so that application performance across WAN links is close to that experienced on a LAN. These technologies have been around for a while now - and they simply work. They eliminate the costs and risks of maintaining backend infrastructure in branch offices.

    Application Delivery Appliances: Citrix Netscaler and F5 Big IP
    These devices are often seen load balancing redundant nodes in stovepipe application architectures. Their true potential is realised when they are used to aggregate multiple nodes into a single application execution resource.

    Database clusters
    Large database clusters supporting all applications in the enterprise do more than aggregate masses of isolated servers into a single managed entity. They deliver better performance and reliability while simplifying replication and backup.

    Google Apps and Office 365
    Mail and workgroup infrastructure such as Exchange and Notes are complex and expensive to license and host. Outages break business communication with severe consequences. Google Apps and Office 365 are attractive alternatives to hosting this infrastructure in-house. Google Apps is a set of messaging, collaboration and productivity applications that rivals and often exceeds the functionality offered by services delivered in-house.

    These technologies make it easy to extend, reuse and scale your business assets. I'm here to help you start a chain reaction in your business by fully exploiting that capability.

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