A network protocol analyser that captures network packets and features tools and views to analyse traffic

Usage Guide

Wireshark captures packets and presents them in a structured user interface that displays:

  • A list of captured packets
  • Protocol layers for a selected packet
  • Headers for each protocol layer
  • Raw data from the selected packet
  • TCP streams
  • Wireshark filters support packet inclusion or exclusion based on header data at all OSI layers. It also features two tools editcap.exe and mergecap.exe that edit and merge captures. Finally Wireshark is extensible via the lua programming language API.

    Tool Data

    Operating Platform:Windows
    Diagnostic Target:Network - Tracing and Scanning
    Tool Executable:wireshark.exe (GUI) tshark.exe (CLI) editcap.exe (capture editor) mergecap.exe (merges captures)
    Obtain From:Wireshark Download
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