winrm is the command line interface to Windows Remote Management - Microsoft's implementation of the WS-Management Protocol

Usage Guide

WS-Management is an open specification for remote management over http and https via SOAP. It has cross-platform support and is one method of achieving remote access through firewalls without configuring additional rules. The Windows implementation of WS-Management is Windows Remote Management. It is integrated with WMI.

winrm is the command line interface to Windows Remote Management. To be accessible by winrm, the Windows Resource Management service must be running on the target and local machines. Machines can be quickly configured for remote access by running: br /> winrm quickconfig
This will run a set of tasks that need to be permitted by typing Y at the prompts. Note the port and if necessary, change it so you are using the same port across all machines for consistency. The default port should be 5985.

To run remote commands type :
winrm:https:// =u:\ "command_name" at the command prompt. The supplied user name must have administrator privileges on the remote machine.

winrm supports GET, PUT, ENUMERATE and INVOKE functions. See the command help for details on functionality by typing :
winrm get -?
winrm create -?
winrm delete -?
winrm enumerate -?
winrm invoke -?
winrm identify -?

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Remote Management
Tool Executable:winrm
Obtain From:Installed with Windows 2003 SP 1 and higher, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2, Vista and Windows 7
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