winmgmt is the executable that runs the WMI service. It can also be used at the command prompt for administrative tasks.

Usage Guide

Run at the command prompt, winmgmt performs these administrative tasks:

  • /backup - Backs up the WMI repository to a specified file name.
  • /restore - Restores the WMI repository from the specified file.
  • /resyncperf - Registers system performance libraries with WMI.
  • /standalonehost - Moves the winmgmt service to a standalone scvhost process.
  • /sharedhost - Moves the winmgmt service to a shared scvhost process.
  • /verifyrepository - Runs a consistency check on a specified WMI repository or the live repository if no path is specified.
  • /salvagerepository - Runs a consistency check and rebuild the repository if an inconsistency is found.
  • /resetrepository - Resets the repository to the default state when Windows was initially installed. .mof files with the #pragma autorecover pre-processor instruction are restored to the repository.

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - CIM, WBEM and WMI
CI Targets:
  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WBEM\CIMOM\Autorecover MOFs
Tool Executable:winmgmt.exe
Obtain From:Installed with Windows
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