Configures time service and diagnostics

Usage Guide

w32tm configures and diagnoses problems with the Windows time service. It takes these parameters:

  • /register - Registers the time service to run as a service
  • /unregister - Unregisters the time service
  • /monitor - Configures monitoring targets
  • /ntte - Converts a Windows NT time into a readable format
  • /ntpte - Converts a NTP time into a readable format
  • /resync - Resynchronise with time server
  • /stripchart - Displays a strip chart of the offset between the local and a remote machine
  • /config - Configure the time service
  • /tz - Display time zone settings
  • /debug - Configures logging

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Servers, Daemons, Listeners and Sockets
Tool Executable:w32tm.exe
Obtain From:Installed with Windows
Web Links:
  • w32tm
  • TechNet article on w32tm

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