Kills single processes and sets of processes

Usage Guide

taskkill terminates a single process or set of processes defined by a filter. Processes on a remote machine can be terminated by specifying a compter name with the /s parameter. It will take image names (eg notepad.exe) via the /im parameter and process ID’s via the /pid parameter. The filter parameter (/fi) can filter on these properties:

  • IMAGENAME - eq /ne - name of image
  • PID - eq /ne / gt /lt /ge /le - PID
  • SESSION - eq /ne / gt /lt /ge /le - Session Number
  • CPUTIME - eq /ne / gt /lt /ge /le - CPU Time
  • MEMUSAGE - eq /ne / gt /lt /ge /le - Memory Usage
  • USERNAME- eq /ne - User Name
  • SERVICES- eq /ne - Service Name
  • WINDOWTITLE- eq /ne - Window Title
  • MODULES- eq /ne -DLL Name

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Threads and Processes
Tool Executable:taskkill.exe
Obtain From:Installed with Windows
Web Links:
  • taskkill
  • TechNet article on ldp taskkill

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