Shuts down or reboots a computer

Usage Guide

shutdown shuts down or reboots a computer. If a computer name is not specified, the command is executed on the local machine. The following parameters are supported:

  • /i - Displays the shutdown dialog. If used, no other parameters can be given
  • /l -Logs the user off
  • /s - Shuts down the computer
  • /r - Reboots the computer
  • /a - Aborts a shutdown if issued before the timeout period expires
  • /p - Kills the local computer
  • /h - Puts the local computer into hibernation
  • /f - Force running applications to terminate
  • /m -Computer name of the target computer
  • /t - Timeout period
  • /d - Reason codes of the target system’s event log
  • /e - Shutdown reason string for the target system’s event log
  • /e - Comment string for the target system’s event log

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Administration
Tool Executable:shutdown.exe
Obtain From:Installed with Windows
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