Queries and controls services, and configures service settings

Usage Guide

sc accesses the Service Controller (SC) to query and manipulate services; and configure settings in the registry and Service Control Manager (SCM) database. Its’ subcommands are:

  • boot - Flags whether or not the last boot is saved as the last known good
  • config - Configures registry and SCM settings for a service
  • continue - Resumes a paused service
  • control - Sends a control to a service
  • create - Creates a service’s sub-key in the registry
  • delete - Deletes a service’s sub-key from the registry
  • description - Sets the service’s description value
  • enumdepend - Lists services that are dependent on the specified service
  • failure - Sets actions to be run on failure
  • failureflag - Flags whether or not recovery actions will be run on a service stop due to an error
  • getdisplayname - Returns the service’s display name
  • getkeyname - Returns the service’s key name
  • interrogate - Sends an interrogate request
  • lock - Locks the SCM database
  • pause - Sends a pause request
  • qc - Queries the service’s configuration settings
  • qdescription -Returns the service’s description
  • qfailure - Returns actions to be executed on service failure
  • query - Returns information on the service
  • queryex - Returns extended information on the service
  • querylock - Returns the lock status for the SCM database
  • sdset - Sets a service’s security descriptor
  • sdshow - Shows a service’s security descriptor
  • start - Starts a service
  • stop - Sends a stop request to the specified service

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Servers, Daemons, Listeners and Sockets
Tool Executable:sc.exe
Obtain From:Installed with Windows
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