rsdiag is a Windows 2003 diagnostic utility that queries remote storage databases and manages remote storage jobs.

Usage Guide

rsdiag is a command line utility that can display:

  • Contents of the Remote Storage database, the File System Agent (FSA), databases, the configuration options for volumes and the installation.
  • Volumes eligible for Remote Storage management.
  • Managed volume properties
  • Location of file data for pre-migrated and truncated files.
  • Physical media properties.
  • Scheduled remote storage jobs.
  • The internal recall queue.
  • Descriptions of event viewer codes generated by rss.exe
The command takes the following paramaters:
  • /d <DatabaseType> - Display the contents of the specified database type.
  • /i - Displays version details of the collection files.
  • /m - Lists volumes eligible for Remote Storage management.
  • /v <DriveLetter> - Displays detailed information on the managed volume. If no drive letter is specified, managed volumes are listed.
  • /w <Path\FileName> - Finds a specified file in remote storage.
  • /s - Details physical media on the machine.
  • /j <JobName> - Displays detailed information on a specified job. If no job is specified, remote storage jobs are listed.
  • /c <JobName> - Stops and cancels the specified job.
  • /r - Lists jobs in the internal recall queue.
  • /f - Displays full information on jobs in the internal recall queue.
  • /x <RecallJob> - Delete the specified internal recall queue job.
  • /e <ErrorCode> - Displays information on the specified HRESULT or WIN32 error code.
  • /t - Reloads trace files.
The following databases can be specified with the /d parameter:
  • e - Engine Database (EngDb).
  • f - File System Agent Database (FsaDb).
  • u - File System Agent temporary unmanaged database.
  • a - File System Agent Persistent Collection (RsFsa.col)
  • n - Engine Persistent collection (RsEng.col)

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Storage
Tool Executable:rsdiag.exe
Obtain From:Microsoft Download Centre – Windows 2003 SP 2 Support Tools 32 Bit
Web Links:
  • rsdiag
  • Microsoft Technet article on rsdiag

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