Queries processes owned by users, application and sessions. Also lists all processes running on a server and all users running a process.

Usage Guide

qprocess supports parameters to return information about processes within sessions and across sessions. It can also return a list of users running an instance of a process. this command is identical to query process These parameters are supported:

  • * - Returns all processes in all sessions
  • [process_id] - Queries a specific process identified by process ID
  • [username] - Queries processes run by a user
  • [session_name] - Queries processes in a session
  • /id: - Queries processes by session ID
  • [program_name.exe] - Queries the processes spawned by an executable
  • /server: - Specifies the target server to query

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Terminal Services, Terminals and X
Tool Executable:qprocess.exe
Obtain From:Installed with Windows
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