Dislays current proceses and their status.

Usage Guide

This utility displays a list of running processes with their PIS and current status. Output looks like this:
PID     %nbsp; TTY     %nbsp; STAT     %nbsp; TIME     %nbsp; COMMAND
1     %nbsp; ?     %nbsp; Ss     %nbsp; 0:05     %nbsp; init [2]
2     %nbsp; ?     %nbsp; S<     %nbsp; 0:00     %nbsp; [kthreadd]
3     %nbsp; ?     %nbsp; S<     %nbsp; 0:00     %nbsp; [ksoftirqd/0]
4     %nbsp; ?     %nbsp; S<     %nbsp; 0:00     %nbsp; [watchdog/0]
5     %nbsp; ?     %nbsp; S<     %nbsp; 0:00     %nbsp; [events/0]
6     %nbsp; ?     %nbsp; S<     %nbsp; 0:00     %nbsp; [khelper]
41     %nbsp; ?     %nbsp; S<     %nbsp; 0:00     %nbsp; [kblockd/0]
48     %nbsp; ?     %nbsp; S<     %nbsp; 0:00     %nbsp; [kseriod]
94     %nbsp; ?     %nbsp; S     %nbsp; 0:00     %nbsp; [pdflush]
95     %nbsp; ?     %nbsp; S     %nbsp; 0:00     %nbsp; [pdflush]
96     %nbsp; ?     %nbsp; S<     %nbsp; 0:00     %nbsp; [kswapd0]
The possible status codes are:
D     %nbsp; uninterruptible sleep
R     %nbsp; running
S     %nbsp; sleeping
T     %nbsp; traced or stopped
Z     %nbsp; zombie

PS takes the lot of parameters, some of the commonly used ones are:
a Show all processes.
r Show running processes only.
U Select by effective user ID.
Show extended information (lowercase L).
Display signals.
u Include user name in the displayed output.
v Display with virtual memory statistics.
X Display with Linux i386 registers.
c Display true command name.
e Display command environment information

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Linux
Diagnostic Target:OS - Threads and Processes
Tool Executable:ps
Obtain From:Included in all distributions

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