Generates a crash dump when a process breached a specified CPU or perfmon threshold. Can also generate dumps on hang or unhandled exceptions.

Usage Guide

procdump monitors a process’s CPU utilisation and generates a crash dump file when it hits a specified threshold. It can generate crash dumps using other perfmon counters, monitor hangs and unhandled exceptions. procdump takes these parameters:

  • -64 - Forces the creation of a 64 bit dump
  • -b - Treat breakpoints as exceptions
  • -c - CPU threshold (CPU % utilisation) at which to generate crash dump
  • -e -Generate dump on unhandled exception
  • -h - Generate dump on a hung window
  • -m - Memory commit threshold (Mb) at which to generate crash dump
  • -ma - Write dump with all process memory
  • -mp - Include thread and handle information
  • -n - Number of dumps to write before self-terminating
  • -o - Overwrite existing dumps
  • -p - Generate dump on specified performance counter threshold
  • -r - Clone the process at dump
  • -s - Time in seconds for which threshold must be breached before generating a crash dump
  • -t - Generate a dump on process termination
  • -u - Treat CPU usage relative to a single core
  • -x/b> - Launch specified image

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Debugging
Tool Executable:procdump.exe
Obtain From:Sysinternals
Web Links:
  • procdump
  • SysInternals page for procdump

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