Returns ping statistics for each hop on the route between two endpoints

Usage Guide

pathping returns ping statistics for each hop on the route between two endpoints. Pings are run over an extended period to provide a reliable data sample from which averages are derived. It supports the following parameters, none of which are required:

  • -n -supresses name resolution of intermediate hosts which should expedite pathping execution time
  • -h - Specifies the maximum number of hops to attempt in reaching the target endpoint. The default is 30.
  • -g - Sets ping packets to use the loose source route option
  • -p - Wait period between successive ping transmissions
  • -q - Number of pings to send to each router. The default is 100.
  • -w - Reply wait timeout. The default is 3000 milliseconds
  • -i - the source IP address
  • -4 - Use IPv4 only
  • -6 - Use IPv6 only
The target hostname is issued after the above parameters .

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Network Services
Tool Executable:pathping.exe
Obtain From:Installed with Windows
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