ntfrsutil dumps internal table, thread and memory data from the NT File Replication Service.

Usage Guide

ntfrsutil takes the following parameters to report on NT File Replication Service (NTFRS) properties:

  • idtable - Enumerates the NTFRS idtable.
  • configtable - Enumerates the NTFRS configtable.
  • inlog - Enumerates the NTFRS inlog
  • outlog - Enumerates the NTFRS outlog.
  • memory - Displays memory usage.
  • threads - Displays threads.
  • stage - Displays stage data.
  • DS - Displays the NTFRS service view of the DS .
  • sets - Displays active replication sets.
  • version - Displays NTFRS service version.
  • poll - Displays current polling intervals.

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