Active Directory management and recovery utilities

Usage Guide

ntdsutil features a set of utilities to recover Active Directory data from catastrophic loss, tidy-up and repair other problems and configure Active Directory and AD LDS settings. The utilities are:

  • activate instance - Sets a specified NTDS or AD LDS instance the active instance
  • authoritative restore - Runs an authoritative restore of an AD DS or AD LDS instance
  • change service -Changes the AD LDS service account to the values specified with the command
  • configurable settings - Manages configurable settings
  • ds behaviour - View and modify AD DS and AD LDS behaviour
  • files - Manages AD DA and AD LDS files
  • group membership evaluation - Evaluates the SIDs in a specific token
  • ifm - Creates directory installation media
  • ldap policies - Manages LDAP policies
  • ldap port - Sets the LDAP port for an AD LDS instance
  • list instances - List all AD LDS instances installed on the machine
  • local roles - Manages Read Only Domain Controller (ROCDC) local administrative roles
  • metadata cleanup - Cleans objects left behind by decommissioned servers
  • partition management - Manages directory partitions
  • popups on | off - Enables and disables popups
  • roles - Transfers or seizes FSMO roles
  • security account management - Manages SID’s
  • semantic database analysis - Verifies AD DS and AD LDS database file semantics integrity
  • set dsrm password - sets the Directory Services Restore Mode password
  • snapshot - Manages Active Directory volume snapshots
  • ssl port - Configures an SSL port for an AD LDS instance
  • quit - Quits the command environment

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:Directory Services - Management and Installation
Tool Executable:ntdsutil.exe
Obtain From:Installed on Domain Controllers
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