Queries DNS and configures local DNS settings

Usage Guide

nslookup queries DNS and configures the default domain and DNS server. Running nslookup without parameters starts the utility in interactive mode. Parameters supplied will be executed and results returned to the Windows command window. The following subcommands are suppoprted:

  • - Query DNS for information on the specified domain or host
  • debug - return debugging information
  • db2 -return verbose debugging information
  • defname -append the domain name to queries
  • recurse - run recursive queries
  • search - use the domain search list
  • vc - use a virtual circuit
  • domain - set the default domain
  • srchlist - set the search list, the first domain in the specified search list is set as the default domain
  • root - sets the root server
  • retry - sets the retries value
  • timeout -sets the timeout value
  • type | querytype - run a specific type of query (eg: CNAME, A, NS, MX)
  • class - runs a specific class of query (eg: IN, ANY)
  • msxfr - Use MS fast zone transfer
  • ixfr - sets version number to use in a transfer request
  • server - sets the default server to current default server
  • lserver - sets the default server to the initial server
  • finger - fingers the specified user
  • root - sets the default server to the root server
  • ls - lists addresses in a domain
  • exit - exits the nslookup interactive environment

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Network Services
Tool Executable:nslookup.exe
Obtain From:Installed with TCP/IP
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