Displays information about and configures NFS server and client.

Usage Guide

nfsadmin displays information about and configures NFS server and client on a target computer. It takes the target computer name, the name (-u) and password (-p) of a privileged user as its’ initial parameters. It then supports the following parameters:

  • -l - Returns locks held by clients (supported on server only)
  • -r | all - Releases locks help by a specified client, or all locks if all is specified (supported on server only)
  • start - Starts NFS
  • stop - Stops NFS
  • config - Takes parameters to configure NFS
  • creategroup - Creates a group
  • listgroups - Lists groups
  • rename group - renames a group
  • addmembers - Adds hosts to a group
  • listmembers - Lists hosts in a group
  • deletemembers - Deletes hosts from a group
  • Tool Data

    Operating Platform:Windows
    Diagnostic Target:OS - Interoperability and Information Exchange
    Tool Executable:nfsadmin.exe
    Obtain From:Installed with Microsoft Services for Unix and later Windows versions.
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