Adds and removes machines as members, configures and verifies trusts and manages Domain controller secure connections and passwords

Usage Guide

netdom is used to configure and verify trusts, add and remove computers to a domain, rename computers and domain controllers and reset domain controller passwords. Its’ sub-commands are:

  • add - Add a machine account to the domain
  • computername - Manage primary and alternate machine names
  • join - Join a workstation or member server to the domain
  • move - Move a machine to a different domain
  • query - Display membership and trust information
  • remove - Remove a machine from the domain
  • movent4bdc - Rename a Windows NT4 back-up domain controller
  • renamecomputer - Rename a domain controller
  • reset - Reset a secure connection between a domain controller and a machine
  • resetpwd - Reset a domain controller’s account password
  • trust - Configure a trust between domains
  • verify - Verify a secure connection between a domain controller and a machine
  • Tool Data

    Operating Platform:Windows
    Diagnostic Target:OS - Network Services
    Tool Executable:netdom.exe
    Obtain From:Installed on Windows 2008 Domain Controllers and included in Windows 2003 Support Tools
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