Maps Windows accounts and groups to Linux /Unix Network File System (NFS) accounts and groups

Usage Guide

mapadmin adds and deletes user/group mappings, sets primary group mappings, sets and removes domain mappings, lists mappings and has mapping back-up / restore functionality. Key subcommands take a windows user / group / domain and an NFS user / group /domain as parameters for mappings. The subcommands are:

  • add - adds a new user or group mapping
  • setprimary - specifies a primary mapping for users and groups with multiple mappings
  • delete - deletes a user or group mapping
  • list - displays mappings
  • backup - backs up mappings to a file
  • restore - restores mappings from a back-up file
  • adddomainmap - adds a domain mapping between Windows and NIS domains
  • removedomainmap - deletes a mapping between a Windows and NIS domain
  • listdomainmaps - displays Windows to NIS domain mappings

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Interoperability and Information Exchange
Tool Executable:mapadmin.exe
Obtain From:Installed with Microsoft Services for Unix and later Windows versions.
Web Links:
  • mapadmin
  • TechNet article on mapadmin You can use Mapadmin to manage User Name Mapping for Microsoft Services for Network File System.

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