Creates amd manages event tracing and performance logging sessions

Usage Guide

logman is a command line utility that can create and manage the tasks available in the Performance Monitor MMC. logman can be configured to monitor performance counters supplied in a configuration file, making it a useful tool to create and launch tasks across multiple servers. The counters can also be passed directly from the command line.

logman supports six sub-commands:

  • logman create - is used to create a new counter, trace, alert, cfg or api. The most basic syntax for logman create is:
    logman create counter [counter_name] –cf [file_name_of_counters_configuration_file]
  • logman query - displays the counters configured in a data collector when a data collector’s name is supplied as a parameter, for example:
    logman query [name_of_data_collector]
    When issued without the name of a data collector, ligman query returns a list of all data collectors configured on the machine.
  • logman start | stop - starts and stops a logging session for a configured data collector, for example:
    logman start my_data_collector –s my_server Will start a data collector called my_data_collector on a remote computer called my_server.
  • logman delete - deletes the specified data collector.
  • logman update - updates counters and configuration settings on a specified data collector.
  • logman import | export - imports from and exports data collectors to XML files
  • Tool Data

    Operating Platform:Windows
    Diagnostic Target:OS - Logging and Audit
    Tool Executable:logman.exe
    Obtain From:Installed with Windows
    Web Links:

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