Displays statistics for the most active processes on the system

Usage Guide

Top displays processes in order of CPU consumers by default. This sorting can be changed using the following commands:
N     sort by pid (numerically).
A     sort by age (newest first).
P     sort by CPU usage (default).
M     sort by resident memory usage.
T     sort by time / cumulative time.

The columns displayed can be set via top can be set hitting the f key and then any of the following:
A: PID     Process Id
E: USER     User Name
H: PR     Priority
I: NI     Nice value
O: VIRT     Virtual Image (kb)
Q: RES     Resident size (kb)
T: SHR     Shared Mem size (kb)
W: S     Process Status
K: %CPU     CPU usage
N: %MEM     Memory usage (RES)
M: TIME+     CPU Time, hundredths
b: PPID     Parent Process Pid
c: RUSER     Real user name
d: UID     User Id
f: GROUP     Group Name
g: TTY     Controlling Tty
j: P     Last used cpu (SMP)
p: SWAP     Swapped size (kb)
l: TIME     CPU Time
r: CODE     Code size (kb)
s: DATA     Data+Stack size (kb)
u: nFLT     Page Fault count
v: nDRT     Dirty Pages count
y: WCHAN     Sleeping in Function
z: Flags     Task Flags
X: COMMAND     Command name/line

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Linux
Diagnostic Target:OS - Threads and Processes
Tool Executable:top
Obtain From:Included in all distributions

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