isplays CPU usage statistics.

Usage Guide

mpstat provides average processor statistics for all processors by default. The -P flag requests individual statistics for individual processors, eg
mpstat -P 0 Displays statistics for Processor 0
mpstat -P ALL Displays individual statistics for all Processors.

The mpstat report is displayed with the following headings:
CPU      Processor number.All indicates an average of all processors.
%user    CPU      Processor number.All indicates an average of all processors.
%user      % utilisation in user mode.
%nice      % utilisation in user mode, with nice configured.
%system      % utilisation in system mode, excludes interrupts and soft IRQ's.
%iowait      % utilisation idle while waiting on disk I/O requests.
%irq      % utilisation servicing interrupts.
%soft      % utilisation servicing soft interrupts.
%idle      % utilisation spent idle, with no outstanding disk I/O requests.

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Linux
Diagnostic Target:OS - CPU Management
Tool Executable:mpstat
Obtain From:Included in the sysstat tools package. Available from most package managers (eg. apt, RPM, portage)

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