Traces all dynamic library calls by a process.

Usage Guide

This utility displays all calls a process makes to functions in dynamic libraries. Calls to static libraries are not included. ltrace is similar to strace in terms of its' operations and parameters. However these utilities trace completely different operations.

Some of the paramaters for ltrace are:
-c - lists a summary of functions called
-f - Include child processes of the process being traced.
-T - Include the time taken for the call to complete.
-t - Include the time at which the call was made.
-tt - Include the time at which the call was made, using microseconds time intervals.
-e - restrict output to a subset of events. For example:
-e printf displays only calls to printf
-o Write the trace output to a file, eg strace -o my-trace-file ls.
-p Attach to a process that is already running, eg strace -p 6753.

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Linux
Diagnostic Target:OS - Threads and Processes
Tool Executable:ltrace
Obtain From:Included with most distributions, download from package managers (eg. apt, RPM)

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