Reports on CPU and disk I/O

Usage Guide

When run without parameters iostat produces a standard report. The following parameters can be used to modify the report:
-k Display statistics in kb/sec instead of blocks/sec.
-m Display statistics in mb/sec instead of blocks/sec.
-n Displays NFS-directory statistics.
x Display extended statistics.

The CPU statistics are displayed under the following headings:
%user     CPU utilisation at the user level.
%nice     CPU utilisation at the user level configured by nice.
%system     CPU utilisation at the system level.
%iowait     Time CPUs were idle while the system had an outstanding disk I/O request.
%steal     Wait time by virtual CPUs due to hypervisor servicing other virtual processors.
%idle     CPU idle time with no outstanding disk I/O requests.

Disk statistics are displayed under these headings:
tps     Transfers per second.
Blk / Kb / Mb_read/s     Data read in blocks / Kb / Mb per second.
Blk / Kb / Mb_wrtn/s     Data written in blocks / Kb / Mb per second.
Blk / Kb / Mb_read     The total number of blocks / Kb / Mb read.
Blk / Kb / Mb_wrtn     The total number of blocks / Kb / Mb written.

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Linux
Diagnostic Target:OS - Console, Ports and I/O
Tool Executable:iostat
Obtain From:Included in the sysstat tools package. Available from most package managers (eg. apt, RPM, portage)

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