Samples a process's memory allocations to detect leaks

Usage Guide

leakdiag loads a GUI application, ldcmd.exe is a command line version of the tool that is installed alongside leakdiag.exe. It intercepts calls to memory allocators using the Microsoft Detours Library. As a result it can report allocations down to these allocators:

  • Virtual Allocator
  • Heap Allocator
  • MPHeap Allocator
  • COM AllocatorCoTaskMem
  • COM Private Allocator
  • C Runtime Allocator

The tool uses snapshot comparisons to reveal allocations that are not returning allocations. The GUI is used to select a process for monitoring and allocators to be monitored. The results are written to a log file. LDgrapher is a separate tool that use leakdiag log files to graph allocations over a sampling period.

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Memory Management
Tool Executable:leakdiag.exe
Obtain From:LeakDiag FTP download
Web Links:

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