Profiles system resource utilisation by all modules and can zoom into specific modules to determine resource utilisation by functions

Usage Guide

The Windows kernel profiler kernrate displays overall memory and processor utilisation, and utilisation by individual modules. kernrate can profile individual modules to report on time utilised by functions. Symbols need to be installed for the tool to function correctly. This tool is deprecated in Windows 2008 by the Windows Performance Analysis Tools

kernrate supports these parameters:

  • -a - Profiles both user and kernel mode modules
  • -b - Expressed as a power of 2, defines the bucket size. The default value is 4 and the minimum is 2.
  • -f - Processes collected data as a high priority.
  • -j “[symbolpath]” - Defines the path to the symbol file.
  • -m - Creates profiles for each CPU on multi-processor machines.
  • -n [process name] - Profiles the first eight processes with names matching the [process name] parameter.
  • -o [process name] [cmdline] - Same as -n but takes parameters passed in [cmdline].
  • -p [PID] - Profiles the process with the process ID [PID]
  • -r - Gathers raw data for each bucket in zoomed modules.
  • -rd - Gathers raw data for each bucket in zoomed modules and provides disassembly data in hexadecimal.
  • -s - Profiling duration in seconds.
  • -ts - Generates kernel and user mode summaries for CPU utilisation for processes and lists services in each process.
  • -v - -v 1 reports the symbols path used. -v 2 reports bucket sharing and system wide CPU utilisation. -v 3 reports both
  • -x - reports on critical sections for each process and on executive resource having high contention rates.
  • -yr [filename.kv] - Creates a file for KrView processing.
  • -z [modulename] - Zooms in on module specified in [modulename]. Multiple -z options can be specified.
Example usage:
kernrate-z ntkrnl pa –z win32k
Reports on utilisation by funtions within ntkrnlpa.exe and win32k.sys.

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Threads and Processes
Tool Executable:kernrate.exe
Obtain From:Windows 2003 Resource Kit
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