Iperf measures network throughput between two endpoints by generating TCP or UDPpacket streams and compiling statictics. Iperf needs to be configured on both endpoints. Iperf is available for Linux and Windows hosts.

Usage Guide

Iperf has a GUI front end called Jperf. This document covers the command line tool Iperf.

Iperf can be run with the default settings (no parameters). The simplest Iperf example is:
iperf -c eg:
iperf 192.168.0 .2

The following paramerts can be used to customise the tests and output:
-p - Port: the default is 5001.
-t - Timing in seconds or duration of the test: the default 10 seconds.
-i - The interval in seconds between tests: the default is 1 second.
-f - Data format: the options are b bits, B bytes, k kilobits, K kilobytes, m megabits, M megabytes, g gigabits and G gigabytes.
-u - Run tests with UDP packets, by default tests are run with TCP packets.
-b - Maximum bandwidth allocation.
-r - Run a bidirectional test individually. By default tests are only run from server to client, this parameter causes tests to be run in both directions sequentially.
-d - Simultaneous bidirectional bandwidth. By default tests are only run from server to client, this parameter causes tests to be run in both directions simultaneously.
-m - Maximum segment size display. Displays the maximum segment size for the link.
-M - Maximum segment size settings. This parameter is used to specify a maximum segment size in bytes to be used in the test; eg -M 576.
-P - Run parallel tests. Runs a specified number of tests in parallel; eg -P 2 would run two tests in parallel.
-w - TCP Window size. Used to specify the Maximum Window Size in bytes for the TCP connection. This must be a value between 2 and 65, 535.
-h - help.


iperf -t60 -i 5 -w 8192 -K
This command will run 12 tests at 5 second intervals using a Max Window Size of 8Kb adn will report bvalues in kilobytes.

iperf -u -b 2m
This is a udp test with a maximum 2 megabit bandwith limit.

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Linux
Diagnostic Target:Network - Tracing and Scanning
Tool Executable:iperf
Obtain From:http://iperf.sourceforge.net/

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