iologsum.cmd is a Windows 2003 tool that parses the output from ntfrsutl to produce a summary report of File Replication Service inbound and outbound logs.

Usage Guide

iologsum.cmd requires Perl to run, this can be downloaded from the ActiveState web site. It is a command line tool that parses the output from ntfrsutl used with the inlog, outlog or idtable parameters. Therefore the ntfrsutl output file needs to be generated first. As per this example:
ntfrsutl inlog >c:\temp\MyFRSInLogFile.txt
When this file exists the following can be run to generate a summary report:
iologsum.cmd c:\temp\MyFRSInLogFile.txt > c:\tempMyFRSInLogSummary.txt

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:Directory Services - Distributed File Systems
Tool Executable:iologsum.cmd
Obtain From:Microsoft Download Centre – Windows 2003 SP 2 Support Tools 32 Bit
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