health_chk.cmd is a Windows 2003 tool that calls a set of other tools to generate a set of reports for analysing the File Replication Service.

Usage Guide

health_chk.cmd can be run against remote computers, but only provides a subset of the reports that are generated if it is run on the local machine. It requires the name of a directory as a parameter. Reports are written to this directory. It can also take the name of a remote computer as a second parameter. The following reports are produced:

  • ds_showconn.txt - Output from repadmin /showconn..
  • ds_showreps.txt - Output from repadmin /showreps.
  • evl_application.txt - Application event logs in text format.
  • evl_dns.txt - DNS server event logs in text format.
  • evl_ds.txt - Active Directory event logs in text format.
  • evl_ntfrs.txt - FRS event logs in text format.
  • evl_system.txt - System event logs in text format.
  • ntfrs_config.txt - Output from ntfrsutl configtable .
  • ntfrs_ds.txt - Output from ntfrsutl ds.
  • ntfrs_errscan.txt - Error messages from the FRS debug logs.
  • ntfrs_inlog.txt - Output from ntfrsutl inlog .
  • ntfrs_machine.txt - List of free disk space on all drives.
  • ntfrs_outlog.txt - Output from ntfrsutl outlog.
  • Ntfrs_reg.txt - Registry values from HKLM\system\currentcontrolset\services\NtFrs .
  • Ntfrs_sets.txt - Output from ntfrsutl sets .
  • Ntfrs_sysvol.txt - Output from dir /s *.* of the SYSVOL share.
  • Ntfrs_version.txt - Output from ntfrsutl version.
  • Tool Data

    Operating Platform:Windows
    Diagnostic Target:Directory Services - Distributed File Systems
    Tool Executable:health_chk.cmd
    Obtain From:Microsoft Download Centre – Windows 2003 SP 2 Support Tools 32 Bit
    Web Links:

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