GNU Command Line Debugger

Usage Guide

gdb runs in a terminal window, either launching a process to be debugged or attaching to a running process. To launch a process in the debugger, run:
gdb (eg gbd ls)
To attach to a running process, run:
gdb - < PID> (eg gdb - 4563)

The debugger will load symbols when run and display the (gdb) prompt. A few handy debugger commands are info, backtrace and bt full. backtrace and bt full will display the functions on the stack. The info commands display a range of information. Some examples are:
info checkpoints ID's of forks and checkpoints.
info files List of targets and files being debugged.
info functions List of all function names.
info frame Information on the selected frame.
info mem Memory, pointers, variable locations, etc.
info sources Lists program source files.
info threads Lists ID's of threads.
info variables Lists all global and static variable names.

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Linux
Diagnostic Target:OS - Debugging
Tool Executable:gdb
Obtain and most package managers, eg Debian apt and Redhat RPM

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