Dumps display driver diagnostic data to a dat or dmp file

Usage Guide

dispdiag is a Windows utility that captures display driver information and writes them to a file. It also features a parameter that runs a hotkey diagnostics test.

The command takes the following parameters:

  • -d Generates a memory dump file as well as the standard test file.
  • -delay Delays the test for the specified period. The test runs immediately if this parameter is omitted.
  • -out The file and path name for the output file.
  • - testacpi Runs the hotkey test. The hotkey test runs until the ESC key is pressed.

Output in the test file includes registry settings driver files and running services. This is an example of the output generated when using the -testacpi parameter:
C:\users\administrator\dispdiag -testacpi
Please press any available hot keys, press to finish
KEY: c Code: 0x43 Scan Code 0x2e
KEY : y Code: 0x15 Scan Code 0x15
KEY: a Code: 0x41 Scan Code 0x1e
KEY : n Code: 0x4e Scan Code 0x31
KEY: ? Code: 0x1b Scan Code 0x01

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Device Drivers
Tool Executable:dispdiag.exe
Obtain From:Installed with Windows
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