dfsrdiag displays information on replication status, forces and stops replication and displays information on replicated files.

Usage Guide

dfsrdiag takes the following parameters:

  • backlog - Display a list of files awaiting replication.
  • pollad - Synchronise with the global information store in Active Directory.
  • SyncNow /Partner: <MyTargetComputer> /RGName: <MyReplicationGroup> - Forces replication to target computers specified in the command.
  • StopNow /Partner: <MyTargetComputer> /RGName: <MyReplicationGroup> - Stop replication to target computers specified in the command.
  • DumpAdCfg /Member: <MyMemberServer> /DC: <MyDomainController> - Dump settings from AD for the member server specified in the command.
  • StaticRPC /Port: <TCPPortNumber> / Member: <MyMemberServer> - Assign a static RPC port for replication to specified targets.
  • propagationtest - Tests replication by placing a test file in a replicated folder.
  • propagationreport - Creates a report for a replication performed using the propagationtest parameter.
  • GUID2Name - Translates GUID's to friendly names.
  • FileHash /FilePath: <MyFilePath> - Shows the file hash computed by DFSR for the specified file.
  • IDRecord /FilePath: <MyFilePath> / Member: <MyMemberServer> - Displays a replicated file's ID record.
  • ReplicationState - Displays current inbound and outbound transfers.

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:Directory Services - Distributed File Systems
Tool Executable:dfsrdiag
Obtain From:Installed with DFSR
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