Debug Diagnostic Tool


Debug Diagnostic Tool is a utility that can generate and analyse crash dumps for application errors, performance problems and track memory leaks.

Usage Guide

DebugDiag is an installed GUI application. On launching DebugDuag.exe you are presented with a choice of three rules:

  • Crash - Generates a crash dump of an attached process when exceptions, breakpoints or process events occur (eg unloading a specific DLL)
  • Performance - Generates a crash dump of an attached process when a performance counter or HTTP response time threshold has been reached.
  • Native (non.NET) Memory and Handle Leak - Generates a crash dump of an attached process when a time interval has elapsed or the in memory process has reached a size threshold.

The tool main screen features three tabs:

  • Rules - Set rules for generating crash dumps.
  • Advanced Analysis - Run analysis on a dump generated by a configured rule.
  • Processes - A list of running processes.
Running the advanced analysis will usually identify the cause of the rule breach. The process list can be used to monitor processes for leaks, attach a debugger to processes , create crash dumps and terminate processes.

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Debugging
Tool Executable:DebugDiag.exe and DebugDiagAnalysisOnly.exe
Obtain From:Microsoft Download Centre – Debug Diagnostic Tool V 1.2
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