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Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a technology that allows processes to communicate with each other, without either process needing to know where the other is running. The processes can be both running on the same machine or on different machines on the network. Microsoft RPC is implemented by placing stub layers between the communicating processes and the communications.

RPC failures usually manifest as a process hanging in a wait state. These failures are often caused by network problems, so running some diagnostics via WireShark (Ethereal) is a good place to start.

DbgRPC is a command prompt tool that gathers RPC state information. It must be run in the context of an administrator.

You will need to have RPC State Information Collection enabled on endpoint machines for DbgRPC to work. RPC State Information Collection is only supported on Windows XP and above and you enable it by group policy:

Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System/Remote Procedure Call
RPC Troubleshooting State Information

Select Server for basic information and Full for detailed information.
Full is expensive in terms of memory and processing cycles.

You will need to know the name of the server on which you are attempting to troubleshoot RPC errors, and the protocol being used for the RPC traffic of interest.

Dbdrpc's syntax is:

dbgrpc -s [servername] -p [protocol]

Your options for protocol are:
ncacn_ip_tcp     - TCP; or
ncacn_np     - Named Pipes.

Optional Parameters:
-I [CellNumber] -P [process_ID_in Hex] -e -t
-I displays information for the specified RPC [CellNumber]

-e displays information about an endpoint, if specified or all endpoints if no endpoint is specified.
-t displays thread information for a process specified with the -P [parameter]

dbgrpc -s myservername -p ncacn_ip_tcp -e

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - RPC and Distributed Transactions
Tool Executable:dbgrpc.exe
Obtain From:Included in Debugging Tools for Windows
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