CTXReports is a GUI applications that compiles configuration reports for specified MetaFrame, Presenation Server and XenApp servers.

Usage Guide

The tool presents a dialog box to select servers for reporting. Specify the servers and a path for the reports, then hit capture to generate the reports. The following configuration settings are captured for each server:

  • Farm Connection Limit Settings
  • Farm CPU Optimization Settings
  • Farm Memory Optimization Settings
  • Farm License Server Settings
  • Farm Access Control Settings
  • Farm ICA Keep Alive Settings
  • Farm ICA Settings
  • Farm Application Isolation Settings
  • Farm Metaframe Settings
  • Farm Session Reliability Settings
  • Farm SNMP Settings
  • Farm Speed Screen Settings
  • Farm Published Application Name
  • Server Hotfix List
  • Server Published Application Names
  • Server Load Evaluator Name
  • Server Presentation Server Edition
  • Server ICA Port Number
  • Server RDP Port Number
  • Server Load
  • Server Zone Preference
  • Server ICA Keep Alive Settings
  • Server Application Isolation Settings
  • Server License Server Settings
  • Server CPU Optimization Settings
  • Server Memory Optimization Settings
  • Server Metaframe Settings
  • Server ICA Settings
  • Server Speed Screen Settings
  • Server SNMP Settings
  • Server Zone Data Collector

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Citrix
Diagnostic Target:OS - Terminal Services, Terminals and X
Tool Executable:ctxreports.exe
Obtain From:Citrix KB CTX119955 Download
Web Links:
  • CTXReports
  • CTXReports - Citrix server configuration reporting.

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