Cluster Diagnostics and Verification Tool


clusdiag logs configuration from all cluster nodes and features graphical and text based reports based on the logs, the tool also aggregates logs from all nodes into a single log for cluster-wide analysis and troubleshooting.

Usage Guide

clusdiag is installed from an MSI download. It is a GUI that can be run from any machine to connect to Microsoft clusters. The tool generates reports on disk and network configuration as well as a resource dependency tree.

clusdiag runs in two modes:

  • Online Mode - Used for configuration reporting and verification.
  • Offline Mode - Used to aggregate logs for cluster-wide analysis.

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - Clusters and Load Balancing
Tool Executable:clusdiag.exe
Obtain From:Microsoft Download Centre – Cluster Diagnostics Tool
Web Links:

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