Citrix Printing Tool


The Citrix Printing Tool provides a GUI to configure printer policies, behaviour and flags on XenApp servers and clients. It reports policy settings for users with active sessions and re-installs the Universal Printer Driver (UPD) on WIndow

Usage Guide

The following configuration items can be set using the GUI in this tool:

  • Disallow UPD fallback
  • Disallow UPD fallback to specified printers
  • Citrix Universal Printer (CUP) options
  • Auto-connect session printers
  • Disable retained printers on clients
  • Disconnect network Printers
  • Enable font handling feature
  • Disable print compression (server)
  • Disable UPD v2 optimisations (server)
  • Client Ports - create standard and legacy ports
  • Client Ports - Create ports for autocreated printers only
  • Client Ports - Don't map LPT ports
  • Client Ports - don't delete client printer ports
  • Admin can manage all printers
  • User can manage all his printers
  • Do not log autocreation faulure
  • Overwrite Terminal Server default values
  • Disable client printers properties retention
  • Policy - Disable client printer mapping
  • Policy - Set session default printer to cleint main printer
  • Policy - Disable LPT mapping
  • Policy - Create legacy client printers
  • Policy - Connect client printer at logon
  • Policy - Connect the printer to the print server if possible
  • Policy - Disable COM port mapping
  • Policy - Disable automatic printer driver installation
    • Tool Data

      Operating Platform:Citrix
      Diagnostic Target:OS - Printer Management
      Tool Executable:citrix printing tool.exe
      Obtain From:Citrix KB CTX122962
      Web Links:

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