WMI Tools


A suite of four tools to view modify and manage WMI classes, events and objects.

Usage Guide

WMI Tools is a suite of four web based tools:

WMI CIM Studio – Web application (requires Internet Explorer)

  • Specify a namespace and browse the class inheritance tree.
  • Browse class and instance properties, methods, qualifiers and associations.
  • Modify classes and instances.
  • Add and delete class definitions.
  • Add and delete class instances.
  • Execute regular methods on instances.
  • Generate and compile MOF files.

WMI Event Registration

  • View consumer, filter and timer properties of system classes and instances.
  • Add and delete event consumer, filter and timer instances.
  • Modify instance properties.
  • Register consumers for an event.

WMI Event Viewer

Register WMI Event Viewer as a consumer for selected events in WMI Event Registration to receive event information.

WMI Object Browser – Web application (requires Internet Explorer)

  • Specify a namespace and browse the object tree.
  • Browse object properties, methods and associations.
  • View and edit property values property qualifiers and object qualifiers.
  • Execute methods on objects.

Tool Data

Operating Platform:Windows
Diagnostic Target:OS - CIM, WBEM and WMI
Tool Executable:Web Apps and wbemeventviewer.exe
Obtain From:Microsoft Download Centre – WMI Administrative Tools
Web Links:

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