Applications report RPC errorrs after RPC firewall ports have been defined in the registry on a Windows Vista, 2008 or later system


Some applications, for example Windows DNS management console are unable to establish RPC connections after RPC firewall ports have been defined in the registry


This problem manifests as application failures and events like:
Event ID 140: The DNS server could not initialize the remote procedure call (RPC).
This occurs on Windows 2008 and later systems after RPC firewall ports have been configured in the registry as per Microsoft KB154596.


The default RPC dynamic ports and the method for configuring port ranges for firewalls has changed from Windows Vista and 2008. Firewall ports are set via the netsh utility.

Remove the UseInternetPorts, PortsInternetAvailable and Ports keys and set the port rane with the netsh utility as per Microsoft KB929851.
  • Windows 2008
Functionality Affected:OS - RPC and Distributed Transactions
Applications Impacted:
  • Cfengine

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