This key controls logging for the File Replication Service (FRS) it contains the following values:

Debug Log Severity REG_DWORD
Defines log file verbosity 0 is minimal and 5 is most verbose.
Default: 4, SP2 or later: 2

Debug Log Files REG_DWORD
The number of active log files that are maintained. Files are rotated with the oldest deleted when a new file is created.
Default: 5.

Debug Maximum Log Messages REG_DWORD
The maximum number of lines written to a single log file.
Default: 10000.

DS Polling Short Interval in Minutes REG_DWORD
The short interval for FRS polling Active Directory after start-up or configuration changes. FRS uses the short interval for the first eight polling event then falls back to the long interval.
Default: 5 minutes.

DS Polling Long Interval in Minutes REG_DWORD
The long interval for FRS polling Active Directory.
Default: 5 minutes domain controllers, 60 minutes member servers.

Staging Space Limit in KB REG_DWORD
The maximum staging space allocated on hard disk for files awaiting retrieval by replication partners.
Default: 0xA5000.

Working Directory REG_DWORD
Location for the Jet database file ntfrs.jdb and associated log files.
Default: %SystemRoot%\Ntfrs.

Ntfs Journal size in MB REG_DWORD
Maximum file size for the USN journal file.
Default: 32Mb SP2 and earlier, 512Mb SP3 and later.

Outlog Change History In Minutes REG_DWORD
Retention time for change log.
Default: 7 days (10,080 minutes) .

Compress Staging Files Value REG_DWORD
Compress staging files: 0: Don't compress 1: Compress.
Default: Compress.

CI Data

Category:OS - Registry Value
Target Functionality:Directory Services - Distributed File Systems

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