App-V 4.6

System Center Application Virtualisation is a platform for streaming applications to a client running on a workstation or terminal server. Streamed applications are cached on the client machine and executed in a virtual environment.

Streaming applications via App-V offers these advantages:

  • Applications are completely isolated from each other in virtual environments, and there fore cannot break each other.
  • All the application's dependencies can be deployed into the sequenced package or loaded into the virtual environment. This results in an aplication that is no longer tied to specific infrastructure. It can literally launched on any machine hosting the App-V client.
  • All machines receive the same sequenced package for the application, guaranteeing an identical image wherever the application runs. This delivers a consistent user experience and centralises application maintenance to a single central point.

Terminal services deployments can become highly flexible and scalable if all applications are streamed via App-V. In such an environment, terminal servers would only have an operatng system, anti-virus and monitoring stack with the App-V client installed. Using Citrix load balancing, farms can be scaled up and down to match current demand and all hardware resources are available to all applications.

App Data

OS Supported:
  • Windows 2008 2008
Hardware Supported:
  • x64

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